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Prepared For Eliot Morley

Software Development Proposal Template


Software is the problem-solving tool of today. At its core, a piece of software solves a set of problems for the user, but in order to truly complete its function, it also needs to be beautiful and easy to use.

That’s why [My Company] is proud to say that we can offer you the solution you need, presented in a way that is practical and easy to

When you have a digital problem you need to solve, there are many times pre-made software available to you, and these can do ina pinch. But software personalized to your goals and your company can go much further than these off-the-shelf solutions, bringing efficacy and efficiency to your workplace.

My goal will be to provide you with a personalized software product tailored specifically to your company’s needs. Together, you and | will discuss what you need, how we can help you fulfill those needs, and what sorts of functionality would make daily use practical for your employees.

We’ll create a piece of software that will support your business for years to come.

Why Us

I’m convinced that we are the best fit for your business, and here’s

1. We are a team of skilled developers, with a specialty in [x]. Together,
we have [x] years of experience in the development field.

2. Want to talk to some happy customers? Here are some other
pieces of proprietary software we’ve designed, and what our
customers have to say about them: [insert link to portfolio and social

3. We are a deadline-oriented company, devoted to getting you what
you need when you need it.

4, Our first goal is designing to your specifications. If something
doesn’t work, we’ll find a solution that does.


Here is a full list of the services included within the scope of the development project. If you see anything missing, feel free to get in touch!

UISUX Design[Price]
Software Development[Price]


Throughout the development process, we will meet to discuss certain milestones. Here is the list we’ve drawn up for you. If you have anything to add or see anything missing, please let us know!

Initial MeetingASAP
Content Marketing Plan deliveredStaff Interviews
6-Week Check-In/Initial Reveal5 Weeks
Final Reveal/Staff Training8 Weeks

What’s Next

Now that we’ve agreed on the project, what comes next? First of all, you should feel free to contact us at any time for a question.

Our phone number is [phone number here] and we can be reached during [business hours], or you can contact us via email at [email address].

After the approval of this agreement, welll and schedule our initial meeting and staff interviews. Using these two tools, we will determine your needs and the needs of your staff, and proceed with design accordingly.

As soon as we receive the first payment, we’ll begin the process of analysis and coding on your new software solution!


1. The payment structure: 50% upfront, 50% after project completion.
The methods are PayPal, Bank Transfer, and Credit Card

2. Any information receives the client will be subject to a
confidentiality agreement.

3. All original documents obtained from the client will remain the sole
property of the client. All documents obtained by the client from [Our
Company] will remain the property of [Our Company.)

4. The client agrees to provide timely and confidential access to staff
members for interviews on software needs.

5. [Our Company] retains all source code as our property.

6. [Our Company] will provide training in the use of the software, and IT
support for the product for [x] months after delivery.

7. Any work requested outside of or resulting from this project will be
subject to a separate evaluation, analysis, and invoicing.

8. In the case of project cancellation, the client agrees to pay for alll
work hours already completed.



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