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Prepared For Mr. Aman Tilak

Sports Event Sponsorship Proposal Template


[Name] is a sporting events company based in [X] that has planned and hosted more than [X] successful events over the last [X] years. We work with various teams, towns, companies, and charities to make every big day the best day- no matter the scope, scale, or cause. 

At heart, we are a community-driven organization that has been fortunate enough to receive excellent support from impressive and progressive brands during past events and activities. Without these connections, it would be impossible to do what we do and serve the communities we serve. 

We work with brands we admire and that have similar goals to our own. Our sponsors are extremely important to us, and we take pride in building lasting, successful relationships. Your brand is one we would be proud to be associated with at our upcoming event, [Event Name].

[Event Name] is a [Sport Type] [Event Type] taking place at the [Location] on [Date]. It will be hosted by [Team or Organization]- our partners in this endeavor- to [purpose of the event]. There is an exciting opportunity here for a headline sponsor to engage with a substantial audience at a highly anticipated event, and we are offering that opportunity to you.

Why Us

During our time in this business, we have thrown more than [X} sporting events. These events have been attended by [X] of people and have helped build teams, organizations, and communities- as well as the brands that sponsored them. 

[Event Name] is already set to be one of the biggest events of the year in [Location]- a community your company has close ties with. The event capacity is [X], providing an extensive audience to share your brand name and products. 

The sponsor of [Event Name] will be supporting the growth of an up-and-coming community through the young people taking part in the event. It will not only generate money for [Team] and help boost your sales in the area- it will also raise money for [Charitable Cause], something close to the heart of many.  

Proposed Budget

We are looking for [Amount] in return for exclusive merchandising rights during the event- as well as the opportunity to represent your brand at the location through digital and physical advertisements. 

After consideration, we have put together the following sponsorship proposal. We tailored this package to your company to be as mutually beneficial as possible- in keeping with your brand values and practices.

Overall sponsorship budget[Price]
Staffing cost[Price]
Location costs[Price]
Food and drinks budget[Price]
Merchandise package[Price]
On-screen advertising package[Price]
Branded team kit[Price]
Branded mascot uniform[Price]

Other optional marketing opportunities are available during the event. These include a pop-up stall promoting your business, the opportunity to sell goods at the event, and a raffled prize giveaway [proceeds to charity]. 



The timeline and milestones you can expect as a sponsor for [Event Name] are as follows. 

  • We share a briefing to lay out clear expectations from both parties and finalize the details of the sponsorship package.
  • The initial portion of the sponsorship is delivered, along with any branding or advertising materials you wish us to use during the event.
  • A follow-up meeting will be held to discuss progress and confirm approval for all marketing and advertising to be used during the event.
  • The second part of the funding is expected two months before the event. Receipts will be provided.
  • A final update meeting is scheduled for two weeks before the big day, and the final payment is delivered at this time.

Terms and Conditions

By sponsoring [Event Name], you agree to the following terms and conditions.

  • Sponsorship is limited to [Event Name] only and will not be automatically rolled over to future events.
  • You will have exclusive rights to advertise on team merchandise at the event.
  • 50% of the total sponsorship budget is required upfront. 25% is due two months before the event. The remaining 25% must be paid at least two weeks before the event.
  • It is your responsibility to provide branding for use on selected advertisements.
  • [Event Name] will not use your brand name out with the agreed parameters of the contract.
  • [X] free event tickets are included in the sponsorship package. Up to [X] additional tickets can be purchased with a [X]% discount. Any further tickets must be purchased at full price.
  • Up to 15 people can be accommodated as VIPs during [Event Name]. 



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Mr. Aman Tilak