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Prepared For Ms. Chelsey Bennett

Technical Writing Proposal Template

Exceptional Technical Writing For Your Business

Do you need to create technical documents but don’t know where to start? A technical writer can be your best ally!

Whether you need manuals, brochures, reports, or specialized articles, an expert can give you a hand and create high-quality, high-value content pieces to meet your business objectives.


During [x] years as a technical writer, I have learned to create formal but clear texts about complex products or situations.

After seeing your organization had an open position for a technical writer, I decided to apply because I have the passion, proficiency, and skills to create the content you need, including good grammar, extensive knowledge in various industries, and excellent writing skills.

Do you need help meeting your company’s sales, customer support, or product success goals? I can create texts with added value to meet users’ needs, improve the customer experience, increase sales, or even reduce risks.

Why Me

If you have wondered why I am the right person for the job, here are some reasons to consider me a good fit:

  • User persona targeting: Every piece of content I create will be aimed at your target audience and uses vocabulary they can easily understand.
  • Product analysis for better results: Before I start writing, I analyze the product or service to make sure I understand what it is, its function, and its features.
  • Constant updating: I rely on continuous education to learn how to use modern writing software tools and know the latest trends in the industry.
  • Good research skills: I can do deep research to find credible information for even the most complicated topics.
  • Quality analysis: I have leveraged my research and analysis skills to provide insights and solutions that help readers.
  • Organized work: I work hard and overtime, if necessary, to turn in all assignments on time.


As a technical writer, I offer a wide range of services to fulfill your needs and goals. Among other things, I can create: 

  • Product manuals
  • Installation guides
  • Customer and partner portals
  • Software user help
  • Processes and processes
  • API documentation
  • Educational or learning content
  • Feasibility studies
  • ISO documentation
  • Software documentation

What You Can Expect

Do you think I’m the right person for the position? This is what I can do as a technical writer:

  • Write and edit procedural documentation, such as manuals or guides
  • Determine the type of post that best serves the company’s or project’s needs
  • Meet with project managers, engineers, or developers to better understand products and processes
  • Assess the target audience and adjust the text’s tone and terms to the potential reader
  • Research or test product samples to understand how it works before writing
  • Write and edit technical documents
  • Set and meet timelines and deadlines
  • Work with graphic designers and other experts to create additional content such as charts, diagrams, and other visual elements that help the reader understand the text
  • Gather feedback to improve the content if necessary

Previous Clients

Do you want to know what other people think about me and my technical writing services? Here you can find some testimonials from clients who have trusted me:

  • “I hired [Writer Name] to write a manual on a product I hope to release later this year, and the result was amazing! The final content is detailed, professional, and understandable. It also meets our objectives and perfectly suits our target audience.”
  • “[Writer Name] is just amazing! I have worked with other writers in the past, but [Writer Name] managed to create the guide I always wanted for my new product.”
  • “[Writer Name] was quick to pick up on our processes’ essentials and created a nearly perfect manual. I can’t wait to hire [Writer Name] again!”

Your Investment

Do you want to know more about my technical writing services? Check my rates below! If you have more questions about pricing or prefer a personalized package, do not hesitate to contact me!

Package Rate
Technical manuals[Price]
Product manuals[Price]
Installation guides[Price]
Customer and partner portals[Price]
Software user help[Price]
Processes and procedures[Price]
API documentation[Price]
Educational or learning content[Price]


We must first discuss your or your company’s goals to ensure first-class results.

Remember that I need to know your goals, target audience, products, and procedures. Therefore, I also need to meet with some engineers, developers, or project managers behind the product or service for accurate information.

Depending on the topic’s complexity and the text’s word count, I may need a few days to a few weeks to finish the content. You can regularly request samples to check my progress.

Terms and Conditions

  • A deposit of 50% of the total payment is required (non-refundable after the writing start).
  • The first two revisions are free if the error is on the writer’s side.
  • The client must pay the remaining balance the same day the text is delivered.
  • Extra words, images, graphics, or diagrams have an additional cost.
  • The content is protected by copyright.



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