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Prepared For Ms. Shirley Parks

Virtual Bookkeeping Proposal Template


Accounting is one of the most critical functional areas in any business, making proper bookkeeping essential.

You can outsource the service from a company with the industry expertise and qualifications necessary to handle it.

Meet [Company Name]. With over three decades of combined experience across chartered and other accountants, we can handle audit preparations, payroll, reporting, reconciliations, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and more.

In the past, we have served notable clients such as [Company Name], [Company Name], and [Company Name], among others.

Why Us

Our attention to detail and tremendous dedication to satisfying our customers are two of the biggest reasons you should consider capitalizing on our services.

Apart from simply understanding accounting principles and how to carry out our processes, we take the time to learn about the industry you are a part of, assuming we have yet to serve clients within the niche. This will help us better understand the flow of payment requisitions, payments, and more.

Next, we never leave anything to chance. Quality assurance is a big part of what we do. Though we may employ reputable systems, such as Intuit QuickBooks, we understand that the potential for mistakes can be detrimental. Therefore, we take the time to carry out the necessary validations to avoid putting your company at risk.

Our Clientele

One of the incredible things about the niche we’re a part of is the extent to which we are often required to develop solutions that will specifically address the challenges that customers may face.

For example, a unique situation at a managed IT service provider (MSP) saw accounting and the technical teams having a very disjointed relationship that led to improper pricing in many cases.

From our years of experience working with Intuit QuickBooks, we know that it features a host of integrations with different programs, some of which are help desk systems that an MSP may benefit from.

Though the company wasn’t using one of those solutions, we recommended ConnectWise, which has a QuickBooks integration that would allow billing data based on ticket work efforts to be captured and automatically pulled into the platform.

With that completed, the discrepancies often arising from the previous silo operation were almost eliminated.

Another example of a solution we’re proud of was one we delivered to a canned food manufacturer. The big challenge was managing payroll effectively and promptly, especially considering the extent to which staff members became disgruntled.

Not only were there often delays because the onsite team was swamped, but the manual method of generating pay slips sometimes led to errors are late deliveries.

We sat with the accounting team and came up with the best possible third-party solution for their specific needs. Since then, the team has not had to get as hands-on as they used to with payroll, which has led to a smooth and seamless experience.


We offer about anything you would expect from a company that will virtually handle your bookkeeping and other accounting needs. Some of the examples are:

  • Bookkeeping, including daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual applications
  • Accounts payable services, including posting, bill pay, coding, reporting, reconciliation, and vendor master file maintenance
  • Accounts receivable services, including cash receipt and sale posting, invoicing, reporting, and maintaining customer master files
  • Monthly process tasks, including location tracking, customer deposit tracking, income allocations, currency conversions, and job costing
  • Cleaning up books in arrears
  • 1099 and 1096 tasks including compiling, filing, and reporting, for your year-end tax filings

Some of the tools that we tend to use are:

  • Intuit QuickBooks
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Sage 300
  • Sage Purchase Workflow


The fees for our services are as follows:

Services Cost
Bookkeeping Services[Price]
Accounts Receivable[Price]
Accounts Payable[Price]
Clean Up[Price]
One-off services[Price]
[Additional service][Price]


Simply call us at [Phone Number] and give us a rundown of what you need. With that out of the way, we will provide you with a quotation based on the combination of services requested or lack thereof.

You can then confirm your request, fill out our required forms, and let us know the desired start date. From there, we will simply provide you with the expected accounting-based reports, as well as other reports at regular intervals from a service provider perspective.

Terms and Conditions

  • All payments are final
  • We require a 50% deposit for one-off services
  • Clients are expected to cover the cost of system subscriptions



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Ms. Shirley Parks