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The original language of this template is English, but you can always use the translated text.

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Prepared For Mr. Aman Tilak

Voiceover Services Proposal Template


[Company Name] has been providing voiceover services for more than [X] years. We have worked with business and independent clients, providing talented and versatile voice actors across several industries. Some examples include translations, dubbing, script work, and recording services. 

By partnering with us, we can help you get your message across clearly and find talent that is the right fit every time. Our company has one of the most varied and experienced profiles of voice actors that can provide unique work in many languages, accents, and dialects. Using our agency will give you access to that – as well as a host of professional recording and production support. 

Every project is different, which is why we work closely with clients to establish exactly what they need from us and find the best solution for jobs of every size.

Why Us

We are proud of our reputation for excellence and continuously set ourselves apart with our professionalism, communication, and overall dedication to our clients.

  • Voice actors for film, TV, gaming, and radio
  • Our portfolio of professional voice actors is one of the most versatile- including talent of all ages that can work in more than [X] international languages.  
  • We are committed to staying within the agreed timeframe and budget. Deadlines are law to us, and we don’t waste your time or money.
  • If you work with us on multiple projects, you can save money through our loyalty discounts.

Our Services

Our voiceover services include:

  • Voice actors for film, TV, gaming, and radio
  • Translation work
  • Dubbing
  • Subtitling
  • Audio description
  • Talent agency
  • Editing

Previous Clients

Here are some testimonials from my previous clients.

“I have used [Company Name] on several projects and have been consistently impressed by the efficiency and level of service. The process is smooth and uncomplicated- any request I made was fulfilled quickly and to my complete satisfaction. I will continue to work with [Company Name] on future projects, without a doubt.

[Client]: A series of Audiobook recordings- [X] projects so far over the last [X] months.

“Working with [Company Name] was a game-changer for me. As an independent short filmmaker, sticking to a budget is incredibly important. [Company Name] worked quickly to meet my needs, and the actors I worked with could not have been any more professional. I absolutely recommend this company.”

[Client]: One-hour animated film recorded in [X] languages in less than one month (including edits and re-recordings). 

“After my first project with [Company Name], I decided pretty quickly that I wasn’t going to work with any other voiceover service company again. We have been working together for several years now, and I have never been disappointed. The support from start to finish on every project is excellent, and I have never failed to find a perfect fit from the vast cast of voice actors.”

[Client]: Film dubbing business that has used our actors and services on more than [X] films in [X] languages over the last [X] years. 

Budget &

Your prospective costs depend on the services required. We are upfront with our pricing and help you plan your budget.

Here are some of our standard fees for popular services:

Initial Consultation[Price]
Translation and Dubbing[Price]
Re-records and edits[Price]
Character work[Price]
Corporate projects[Price]


Here is an example of what you can expect to happen next after hiring us.

1. You will speak with a consultant to discuss your project and plan the next steps.

2. A timeframe for the job is agreed upon.

3. We provide immediate access to our actor portfolio and assist with casting as much as required.

4. Your chosen actors are booked through our agency. If recording services are required, we book those for you as well. 

5. Recording takes place- working to the deadline you have requested.

6. Edits and re-records are scheduled.

During the initial briefing, you let us know what you need from us, and we lay out a proposed timeline based on those requirements. Our involvement level is up to you, but our team is on hand to assist at every stage should you need them. 

Terms and Conditions

By working with us, you agree to our terms and conditions. They are as follows:

  • Clients are subject to a cancellation fee if notice is not given within 48 hours. Charges may vary depending on the services ordered.
  • Changes to the pre-arranged plan requested within 48 hours are subject to availability and not guaranteed. Last-minute changes may incur an additional charge.
  • [Company Name] is responsible for the contracts and payment of voice actors hired through our agency. The client is responsible for any third-party resources and associated fees.
  • Upon completion of the project and final payment, the client has complete ownership of the recordings.
  • 25% of the total fee is due upfront. The remaining payments will be divided throughout the project at pre-agreed milestones. 100% of the payment is due before the work is completed and handed over.



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