20+ Best Sales Emails That Are Driving Sales in 2019

Posted by Will Cannon | May 26, 2019 | proposals,
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So you’ve used your lead generation software to identify the best prospects to reach out to, and you’re now wondering how you can pitch them your product/services in a way that’s so compelling, they can’t say no. Well, you’re in the right place. In this blog post, we talk about what makes a perfect sales email and share 20+ best sales emails that are extremely high-converting. Let’s jump right in!


What’s the perfect design of a sales email?

Here’s a question that we get a lot: what does the perfect sales email look like? Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to sales emails. Running along the same vein, there’s no such thing as the “perfect design” for a sales email. Now, some business experts out there will tell you that you should start off with a personalized introduction, tell your lead how you company can bring value to them, then end off with a Call To Action asking them to get in touch. But here’s the thing… you could skip past the introduction and cut straight to how you can help your lead; that’s perfectly fine, as well. (In fact, we’ve included numerous examples of sales emails that are short, sweet, and to the point in our round-up of emails below). So: you don’t have to restrict yourself to a specific design or anatomy when crafting sales emails. That said, there are some principles that you should always keep in mind:

  • Don’t ramble. If your email looks like an essay, chances are your lead won’t read it!
  • Start with a compelling hook. Humans have notoriously short attention spans these days. If you don’t intrigue your lead within the first two sentences, again, your lead probably won’t get very far into your email.
  • Humanize your email. Avoid generic phrases and cliches, and write in a conversational, light-hearted tone.
  • Communicate the value of your product. Tell your lead what’s in it for THEM.

Want to see some concrete examples of how these principles work? Check out these 20+ best sales emails that are great in driving responses and sales:


1. Two things you should fix

email 1Image source. This email works because… it’s personalized, and it points out two things that your lead is doing wrong, which basically gives them FOMO (read: the fear of missing out). You can bet that you’ll get a reply with this email!


2. I have no idea who you are

email 2Image source. This email works because… it’s funny, authentic, and points out the awkwardness of a cold sales email. With this email, you can easily build rapport with your lead, which increases your chances of getting a reply.


3. Made you a rap video

email 3Image source. This email works because… it shows off your personality, and it’s engaging (statistics show that using video in email leads to a 200-300% increase in click-through rates). On top of that, sending this email makes it clear that you’re putting in a ton of effort to reach out to your lead, which gives you extra brownie points.


4. Did you get the coffee?

email 4Image source. This email works because… it’s a nice gesture to send your lead a gift – don’t underestimate the power of reciprocity. This email also makes you stand out (because in this digital era, who actually sends things via the mail anymore)?


5. Apologies in advance

email 5Image source. This email works because… it’s written in a fun, lighthearted tone, and it’s also brutally honest, which will earn your lead’s respect. Most sales emails are somewhat generic and one-dimensional, so sending across an email written in a conversational tone will definitely be a breath of fresh air.


6. My boss will be happy and he won’t fire me

email 6Image source. This is more of a link-building email than a sales email, but you could easily rework it to fit your objectives. For instance, swap out the first sentence to say “I’m emailing you because I saw that you’ve been checking out my company’s pricing page, and I’d like to set up a product demo if you’re keen”. This email works because… again, it’s fun and lighthearted. It also gets to the point quickly, which is a huge plus when you’re trying to reach a busy CEO who doesn’t have time to read a long, rambly email.


7. 26 seconds (or less)

email 7Image source. This email works because… you’re telling your lead right off the bat that you’ll keep things short; this shows that you respect their time, and incentivizes them to continue reading. On top of that, telling your lead that you’ve helped a lot of companies in their industry helps to contextualize your offer; this works out in your favor as well.


8. Our client saw these results

email 8Image source. This email works because… you’re relying on the power of social proof. Telling your lead that you’ve achieved XYZ results for a company (that’s similar to theirs) is a great way of demonstrating the value of your product.


9. X people on your team using our product

email 9Image source. This email works because… you’re showing your lead how valuable your product is, and this makes it easier to convince your lead when you go in for the close later on. Timing is everything; you wouldn’t want to turn off your lead by being too aggressive, and trying to close a sale right off the bat.


10. I noticed a mistake that you’ve made

email 10Image source. This email works because… you’re pointing out a mistake your lead could fix, and who wouldn’t want to rectify a mistake and improve their site? Note how the email cleverly starts off with a compliment; this ensures that the overall tone doesn’t come across as too critical.


11. I can see that you’re the guy that’s making this happen

email 11Image source. This email works because… you’re referencing something that one of your lead’s higher-ups has posted, which automatically makes them sit up and take notice. Throwing in a compliment is smart as well; this helps you build rapport, and increases your likeability.


12. Your search rankings are worse than the top 40.

email 12Image source. This email works because… you’re telling your lead where they rank in the competition; this is valuable information that your lead will definitely want to take a closer look at. From here, you can quickly and easily segue into discussing how they can improve their current standing using your product.


13. Did you know that…

email 13Image source. This email works because… it’s non-committal and doesn’t involve any sort of pitching or selling, which increases the chance of your lead replying. The goal here is to start a conversation and build rapport before you try to sell to your lead.


14. What would you ask?

email 14Image source. This email works because… you get to figure out what’s the one burning question that your lead has. With this information on hand, you can better craft and tailor your pitch to suit the current challenges that your lead is facing.


15. 10x traction in 10 minutes

email 15Image source. This email works because… it’s highly compelling. Who wouldn’t want to 10x their traction? It also doesn’t hurt that you’re stating that all you need is a 10 minute phone call. Again, the lower commitment your email sounds, the better your response rates will be.


16. Need help with this issue?

email 16Image source. This email works because… you’re offering concrete, actionable content about a problem that your lead is struggling with. Assuming the problem you’re referring to is a real pain point for your lead, there’s a high chance that they’ll reply to your email!


17. Would you be interested in seeing this report?

email 17Image source. This email works because… you’re offering your lead access to data and insights that are specifically relevant to their company. It’s all upside, no downside… why wouldn’t they take you up on that offer?


18. Could you help me get in touch with the right person?

email 18Image source. This email works because… you’re playing into the human instinct to help others. Adding the one-liner to say that you’ve helped similar businesses increase their leads (by as much as 25%) also gives you that added legitimacy.


19. I’d like to help you make a splash in the first few months

email 19Image source. This email works because… you’re aligning yourself with your lead, and showing them that you have their best interests at heart. As humans, we all have a fundamental need for acknowledgement and validation, and tapping into this need can be very powerful!


20. Are you missing $156,000?

email 20Image source. This email works because… $156,000 is a huge amount to be missing out on, and you can bet that your lead will want to know how they can increase their annual revenue by this amount.


21. I have several ideas for how you can…

email 21Image source. This email works because… you’re offering your lead ideas on how to get more business. Again, it’s all upside for them, which makes it a no-brainer for them to respond and take you up on your offer.

Crafting the perfect sales email

Writing a great sales email isn’t rocket science. Here’s a quick recap: you’ll want to start with a compelling hook, humanize your email, communicate the value of your product, and avoid being too rambly. Here’s to writing more compelling emails, and skyrocketing your conversion rate!


Will Cannon is the founder of UpLeadUpLead, a B2B sales intelligence platformthat sales reps and marketers can use to get in touch with their idealcustomers. With UpLead, you can reach out to decision-makers in any company with zero fuss.