5 Proposify Alternatives I have Tried and Here’s My Feedback

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If you want to try Proposify alternatives, I will give you a list of the 5 best Proposify alternatives including my honest feedback about each one of them.You probably have already tried Proposify and something didn’t work out for you, or you just want to see what else the market has to offer that might be a better solution for you.Take a look at the alternatives below and you will surely find one that suits you the best.

The pros & cons of Proposify

Proposify is one of the most popular tools for creating proposals. What are the pros?Proposify is a huge time saver. It offers a number of different templates that will make your proposal visually interesting.The editor is simple and easy to use.You can track when someone opens your proposal or signed off on it. There is an option for mobile notifications that informs you.The app also tells you how much time people spend reading your proposal.The Proposify team also has great customer support that will help you solve your pain points.What are the cons?Proposify has its own templates, but, if you want to customize them, that can be a problem.It has its limitations when it comes to design.The way in which content you make is stored in the library can be very confusing.If you and your coworkers are working across multiple teams, certain errors may occur when submitting proposals.

1. Prospero

Here are the reasons why I chose to use Prospero to create engaging proposals.Prospero feature overviewEase of use: With Prospero, it is very easy to make engaging offers that won’t leave your customers indifferent. It will save you some time and bring you more clients faster. You can add any type of content you want and leave a personal touch on every proposal you send.Prospero has built-in content generation and reuse tools so you can save even more time. And if you are not sure how your offer should sound, Prospero has ready made texts that will be very helpful.It also offers tracking analytics so you can know who opened your proposal and how long it took him to read it.Customer support: It has great online customer support that is ready to help if you are stuck at any point.Pricing: You can start a 21-day trial that costs $1. Regular packages offer an unlimited number of offers for $8 a month or $5 a month if you choose an annual subscription.Offered features:

  • Document management


  • Electronic signature
  • Content library
  • Templates
  • Pipeline management

Why is Prospero better Proposify alternative?Here are some of the main reasons:

  • Ideal for a large number of users, more than 1000 
  • Easier for use
  • Great for freelancers, agencies, creative designers
  • Offers bigger trial period so you can see if it suits your needs
  • Offers ready made texts
  • Costs 4x less
  • Integrates with FreshBooks

With Prospero, you can create stunning proposals in a very short time and access your quotes from wherever you want.

2. BetterProposals

BetterProposals is very easy to use and you can create amazing offers in a couple of minutes. You can make suggestions from scratch if you like.You can insert desired images or videos, add your company logo, choose the colours of your choice and match them with the visual identity of your brand.By specification, BetterProposals is quite similar to Proposify.This Proposify alternative lets you know when your proposals are open, forwarded or downloaded.By monitoring these activities of your users, you are able to react at the right time.Why is BetterProposals better Proposify alternative? By using BetterProposals you can enable your clients to sign a proposal online.BetterProposals and Proposify have the same price, but BetterProposals is intended for both app and software developers.BetterProposals has RFP management that Proposify does not have.It is a great option for you if you have a small team or if you are a freelancer.BetterProposal editor is easier to use and templates look much more colourful and engaging. Thanks to zealous monitoring of customer behaviour, you can see if there was an error or if the action you wanted was not made. When you realize that, all you have to do is tell the client again to pay attention to what he may have missed.If you need a simple and effective tool so your team can make good looking proposals than BetterProposals is one of the best Proposify alternatives for your business.

3. PandaDoc

Thanks to the templates and tokens provided by PandaDoc, it is also one of the best Proposify alternatives on the market.You can make high-quality proposals that will help you present yourself like a pro when it comes to your clients.By merging templates with your CRM data you do not need to repeat typed details over and over again.PandaDoc is the ideal tool for sales reps.It allows you to see how much time the client has spent on each section of your proposal.An online document builder will help you create sell-side contracts in a very short time.Why is PandaDoc better Proposify alternative? Unlike Proposify, PandaDoc offers advanced electronic signatures and quotes.It also has customer support available for their users 24/7.While Proposify has online payments just for Scrill, PandaDocs includes PayPal, Square, Stripe, and others.Other features that make PandaDoc a better alternative than Proposify are:

  • Signing order
  • Content reporting
  • Document approval flows
  • Adding existing documents
  • Content locking and sharing
  • Built-in CPQ Functionality

It offers a free-trial period and starting price is twice as low as Proposify’s and is $9 per user monthly.

4. ClientPoint

ClientPoint is a simple software for creating proposals that will encourage interaction with clients.There is a list from the media library and when you create a proposal you just need to choose the elements you want. All your shared content is in that intuitive online viewer. If you want, you can customize it to fit the visual identity of your business.As other alternatives, it also offers to monitor your clients’ behaviour.There is a live dashboard with notifications so salespeople can keep track of activities around each deal.Why is ClientPoint better Proposify alternative? ClientPoint, as opposed to Proposify, offers training in person.It is intended for large teams that pay attention to every segment of the business and therefore its cost is much higher and is $65 per user monthly.It integrates with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, DocuSign, and other platforms.ClientPoint is an email-based tool so it is much easier to promote your business and stay connected with your users.Customers are able to see offers from any device and anytime, and you can also keep track of everything that is happening.Great features like live dashboard and similar make ClientPoint one of the best Proposify alternatives.If you want to rally your team around a tool that works flawlessly and you are willing to set aside a slightly larger budget, ClientPoint is the solution for you.

5. Qwirl

Qwirl is another Proposify alternative for creating proposals intended for individuals, teams, or organizations.Over 50000 companies have opted for this tool.Qwirl will help you showcase your work to clients in the greatest way possible.Source: CapterraIt offers a high-quality templates library so you can realize the proposal just the way you imagined it.Thanks to simple building blocks, you can easily create anything you want, and you can also re-use your previous work.At the same time, you can allow clients to sign, accept, and pay, which is time-effective. Why is Qwirl better Proposify alternative? Qwirl, unlike Proposify, has automated quoting.There is also customizable branding, discount management, and training in person.Qwirl is intended for a greater number of users than Proposify.Other features that Qwirl includes are:

  • Interactive pricing tools
  • Team collaboration
  • APIs for automatization
  • In-built accept
  • Electronic signature
  • Advanced security
  • Powerful analytics

It has integrations with many platforms such as Typeform, Calendly, Google Maps, Google Sheets, Crisp, Pipedrive, and more.Using this tool you are able to find out on which aspects of your business your clients focused the most.Qwirl is stable software with great customer support, with prices starting at $12 per user monthly depending on the package he chooses.You can book a demo and find out exactly how Qwirl works and whether it has what you need for your business.The bottom lineCreating proposals deserves your special attention because it is how you promote your business and offers within it.If you want to get the attention of your clients, the proposals must be:

  • Creative
  • Clear
  • Organized
  • Engaging
  • Educative
  • Interesting

Your goal is not only to attract the client to accept your offer but also to create a delightful and brilliant user experience for him.If Proposify didn’t live up to your expectations, these five Proposify alternatives certainly will.All you have to do is find one that fits your needs, desired features, and budget.In addition to bringing you more clients and close more deals, it will also save you time that you can spend on some other tasks.So, if you’re looking for a solution that has all the features from above, then go no further, since Prospero can be a great fit for you.


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