5 Steps to Prepare a Powerful B2B Presentation

Posted by Prospero Team | June 11, 2021 | marketing, proposals

It’s common when sometimes B2B companies go through a bad presentation. There’s nothing worse than this, and I wished it would have been better. Can you resonate? If yes, you are on the right page to get some insightful information about preparing a B2B proposal presentation. Because: 

A brilliant presentation has a number of things going for it, and you can be beneficial in the end. 

But, if your B2B proposal presentation projection has too much text, bad content, no images, and no unique differentiators, you probably won’t be able to impress your audience/clients/potential client.

What can you do to make your presentation compelling? Uncovering some interesting information, firstly, to answer this question.

1. Types of Slides to Include in B2B Proposal Presentation

  • Title slide: Include company name, topic, tagline
  • Company introduction 
  • A brief picture: Include relevant statistics and graphics (not more than three slides)
  • Give an accurate picture: How business looks with your product. Use happy faces
  • The “Bridge” slide: Include short outcome statements. Put quotes on another
  • Concluding slide: Include a call-to-action and contact information

With spending on B2B services, it is set to increase by 20% in 2021. This means you can’t afford to be left behind. The most effective B2B presentation is prepared with a lot of preparation involved.

2. B2B Presentation Challenges 

Many B2B presentations fall flat because they ignore the benefits of what they have over what they are missing. If those benefits are left unchecked, it can be disastrous for your business.

According to Gourville, “It’s not enough for a new B2B product or service to be better. Unless the gains outweigh the losses, customers will not adopt it.”

But the good news is that you can influence how prospects perceive these gains and losses. One of the best ways to prove the value of your B2B products/services is to prepare a powerful presentation to show all the aspects and close more deals.

If you want to create the perfect B2B presentation and create a win-win moment for your B2B business, here are the five essential steps to follow.

3. Know your Target Audience

One of the key components to closing B2B deals successfully is an engaging presentation that addresses the prospects’ pain points directly. A compelling offer, supported by data and a clear understanding of the market, can significantly increase your success rate.

The first step to prepare a killer B2B presentation is understanding your target audience. Being precise on this parameter will help you pitch effectively, and you might get preferred leads for your business. 

As per Forrester Research’s Buyer Insight study, only 13% of customers believe marketers can demonstrate well about business challenges, solve them, and bring the right kind of business at the right time. 

The second important thing to include in your presentation is your business—define who you are and what you do. What is the purpose behind your pitching? All these concerns will tell you better to tailor your message to your ideal audience. So, include:

  • What are the main pain points you want to cover? 
  • What solutions or products are they using currently and wish to have? 

When you give away who you are and determine how you are going to solve their problems. Focus on:

For audience:

  • What’s there for them? 
  • How can you solve their problem?
  • What makes you better than your competitors?

Considering these aspects before you create a presentation will help you target your message clearly to your ideal customer.

4. Include Key Points Without Using Too Much Text

One of the essential things to contemplate while preparing an excellent B2B presentation is not to clutter your slides with too much text. Every slide should contain a good mix of text and images. Consider using fonts, colors, and visual elements in your presentation that match your company and branding. 

Explaining the slides should include in every excellent B2B sales presentation:

4.1 Give Presentation Overview

Begin your presentation by listing the key points to be discussed as your goal. Giving an agenda map represents a precise idea of the presentation and eases the understanding process of the topic.

4.2 Introduction: Company History 

It’s essential to begin your presentation by telling the audience a detailed version of your company. You can’t jump right into products and services without telling them a little about your company’s History—who you are, what do you do.

4.3 Identify the Problem

A vital component of every B2B presentation is to speak to a pain point. If you know your ideal customer’s pain points, you can easily understand why they may need your products or services. Use this as an advantage and strike it at the right moment. So, find the problem, use statistics to back up the facts, and use it to lead into your value proposition.

4.4 Why your Company Only?

Before explaining about products or services, you should include the slide of why your company only. Sure, your goal is to offer a solution to a problem, but why a customer should want to work with you is crucial. What value can you offer? What makes you unique? This slide helps a customer understand a rock-hard reason to work with you instead of a competitor.

4.5 Products/Services

Now include one to three slides that talk about products or services. The whole point is to show your offering, so you will want to highlight it more than anything. Explain accurately what your product or service offering entails by keeping it short and understandable. Try not to clutter slides with text. The best is to use bullet points and include imagery when possible.

4.6 Information of Process and Pricing 

If you’re offering a service, it should explain what the implementation or onboarding process would look like. Because a process falls for a new client—how can it become a customer. Tell them what this is, what pricing options are being offered, what they can expect, and inform them of any actions they will need to take.

4.7 Use Case Studies and Statistics for Credibility

The inclusion of case studies and statistics are the two ways to spice up your B2B presentations. This builds the credibility of your company which reflects a trust factor for your audiences. 

How do they work? 

  • Case studies: It shows potential customers the success that you have had with other businesses. Including it, you help the potential customer visualize themselves using your products or services, which creates a firm reason to get business in the future.
  • Statistics: It’s proven that success stories are more influential than data, but that doesn’t mean data isn’t essential. Consider data as supplemental. A powerful statistic can be shocking or surprising to a potential customer. 

In case of point, if you are a manufacturing company and in your presentation, one of the slides has a stat stating that automated manufacturing products can save thousands of dollars. You have got the customer’s attention. 

Therefore, building credibility and trust throughout your B2B presentation is a crucial part of doing a B2B business.

6. Add Questionnaire and Create Conversation

Engage your audience by asking questions. An open forum of asking questions will help you keep your audience on their toes. This way, you can learn about the customer and tailor your proposal presentation to fit their needs and understand their business. So, do not read through your presentation like a robot. Instead, engage the customer, answer them well and create Conversation throughout the entire session.

7. Conclusion Slide

The conclusion slide helps the presentation to give a call to action for audiences. It includes wrapping up key points that would create an impact on the audiences’ mind. It should reflect a subway that will lead into the next phase of the partnership.

Whether this means a second meeting, a phone call, or a follow-up email recapping the proposal, make sure you have a plan for what the next step is.

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