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To succeed, a business owner must remain organized when dealing with clients. Your work becomes much easier using online, all-inclusive business and proposal management software.

Proposal software will help you stay organized and guarantee that you appear as a true-blue professional. 

Running your own business entails investing a lot of time in keeping track of all the administrative duties. These include creating contract templates or scope of work templates, maintaining good client relations, and ensuring your invoice templates get paid. 

What is the HoneyBook Proposal Software? 

HoneyBook is a user-friendly software platform that intends to assist small business owners in streamlining their operations and managing customers from inquiries through payments. 

The purpose of HoneyBook is to help entrepreneurs maintain a prosperous enterprise, so they can lead the lives they desire. It is a cloud-based CRM designed specifically for small enterprises. 

Users may monitor and manage different project phases and keep invoices, contracts, and other documentation in one place. 

Even though Honeybook has got its features laid out already, some proposal software in the market today offers the same, if not better, features and tools at the best value possible.

Here are the six best Honeybook proposal alternatives for you.

6 Best Alternatives for the HoneyBook Proposal Software

An excellent proposal management software can help your business by offering various features with different pricing plans.

Here are six excellent HoneyBook alternatives, one of which can be the ideal choice for your company. 

1. Prospero

Prospero is a very effective tool for designing, delivering, and managing business offers and presentations. There are several customized proposal templates to choose from, and any of them are customizable to meet your purpose.

HoneyBook Proposal Software

Once you create business proposals with the tool, you can track when clients view your proposals and contracts with this application. It also offers capabilities for consummating sales, such as a legally enforceable electronic signature.

You have 35 templates at your disposal for various proposals. Prospero’s best feature is that you can track how often your customer opened the proposal, how long your client saw it, and the status of each of your presentations.

Each client looks for something short and straightforward, and you can provide this for your clients by not wasting time manually creating proposals. Prospero is perfect for making first impressions by creating great templates on most devices. 

HoneyBook Proposal Software prospero

When you use Prospero, your clients can choose your services and sign and pay for them anywhere. You can choose whether you want to make it a bit more secure.

Prospero proposals use legally binding digital e-signatures, so you can rest easy knowing that if anything goes wrong, the contract and signatures will hold up in court.

If you need help presenting your offer, the site offers ready-made proposals to help you with the writing process. With this simple option, you can generate your proposal, save sections to your content library and rest assured that you’ve done an incredible job.

It works with several third-party integrations such as QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Integromat, Stripe, and Zapier, allowing you to create an invoice and receive payment with a single click. You can install third-party scripts such as heatmaps, Google Analytics, and live chats.

The website allows you to structure your services, and each proposal looks terrific. You’ll undoubtedly receive compliments from your clients regarding your presentation’s organization level and quality.

Prospero’s pricing starts from $19 a month for a customer and offers a chance to try the software for free for seven days. Each extra user will incur a monthly fee of $10.

Try Prospero and get a 14-day free trial. Sign up now!

2. Quotewerks

Established more than 26 years ago, QuoteWerks will help your business become more productive. It can support you in increasing sales by streamlining and accelerating your price quoting/estimating procedures both at the office and on the go.

HoneyBook Proposal Software Quotewerks

In the IT sector, you can access consumer-friendly product descriptions, product photos, and marketing descriptions from Etilize Product Content. Without Etilize, you would need to manually enter product information and search the internet for product descriptions and photographs to add to your quotations and proposals.

There are three editions provided to you. They are the Standard edition, Professional edition, and Corporate edition. In the Standard edition, you will get charged a fee of $15.00 per month. The Professional edition costs $20.00 a month, and the Corporate edition costs $29.00 a month. 

3. Better Proposals

Overall, it is an excellent bit of software! Better Proposals come through if you’re trying to develop significant proposals that amuse clients in a timely fashion!

The template-rich website makes it quite simple to choose and customize a presentation for your specific needs. It’s as if someone has researched what you require in a particular proposal, and all you need to do is go ahead and apply a few adjustments to adapt it to your specific situation. All the ideas are visually appealing and simple to explore for the clients. 

This site can make you appear to your clients as a real professional and will serve as a reference throughout your work tasks. They agree to a contract that loads from your website, and then they encounter the same layout once more as they sign your objectives and close a job.

Get your templates ready so you can charm your proposals and documents swiftly, and you’ll feel its force. Better Proposal’s monthly subscription starts from $19 per user to a Premium $29 membership and $49 enterprise.

4. Juro

Juro considerably simplifies the lives of the legal and sales staff. You can reduce the time it takes to create contracts by 96% and make signature tracks more visible.

Juro makes it simple to create and manage consumer contracts at scale. You can now send a customized contract to a client in seconds instead of 30+ minutes, talk with them and answer their queries within the contract, and receive rapid notifications via Slack when it’s signed.

Knowing when they’ve seen the contract is quite beneficial when negotiating terms. The program is straightforward to teach new team members, and the brief question suggestions make it simple for employees to generate a sophisticated-looking contract.

The interface is sleek and extremely simple. Most users can quickly grasp the essential elements of the contract editor, as most functions are relatively intuitive.

Its Lite plan costs $49, while the Team plan costs $90 per user per month and includes more features and support.

5. Proposeful

Proposeful is a powerful tool for creating, delivering and maintaining business bids and presentations. There are numerous customized proposal templates available. You can change any of them to fit your project or brand. 

Once you create business proposals with the tool, you can track when clients view your proposals and contracts with this application. It also offers capabilities for consummating sales, such as a legally enforceable electronic signature.

Your proposals get better with Proposeful since it notifies you whenever a client opens one and how much time they invest in each document section. In this manner, you may quickly finalize sales and follow up with clients.

The pricing starts from $19 a month for a customer and offers a chance to try the software for free for seven days. Each extra user will incur a monthly fee of $10.

6. PandaDoc

Both PandaDoc and HoneyBook aim to make creating documents more efficient for you. With PandaDoc, you can access the template collection, which has 450+ fully editable documents. You can quickly and easily create templates using the document editor. 

Concerning every contract issued, PandaDoc enables comprehensive contract lifecycle management. PandaDoc allows you to create contracts quickly, demand signatures, and send and save them. Everything is doable with this fantastic website.

PandaDoc has a mobile app to manage your business when you’re out and about. You can track contracts and client progress and receive all the information you need using the site to close deals more quickly.

Regarding the pricing plan, PandaDoc offers three paid eSign plans and a free eSign plan for document automation. Its monthly subscriptions start at $19 for each user and come with limitless documents and eSignatures. With a free 14-day trial, you can even accelerate your evaluation. 

Wrapping Up

Presenting a proposal that looks fantastic on any platform will enable you to leave a great first impression. Your proposal should include your logo, pictures, videos, tables, and personal touches.

However, it’s good that platforms such as Prospero offers various templates for different industries where you can change only small parts of texts and have a fully ready proposal on your display.

You would certainly love the visibility feature this platform offers. When your clients open your proposals, you’ll instantly get a notification. This makes it easier for you to make a follow-up proposal or email the client and ensure you do business with them. 

However, you’ll 100% enjoy the platform to the fullest, and it will help you the most with its unique features. Prospero proposals employ legally enforceable digital e-signature technology, so you can relax knowing that the contract and signatures will be valid in court if something goes wrong. 

You have the option of making signing quicker or a little bit more secure. With their 14-day, no-obligation trial, you can make your first proposal template.

If you’re tired of wasting time creating proposals, we suggest you visit Prospero’s website and sign up now.


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