10 Free Proposal Templates to Use in 2024

Posted by Prospero Team | January 5, 2024 | Business, freelancing
10 Free Proposal Templates to Use in 2024

Marketing changes constantly, and today’s business world makes people look for better job opportunities more often. How we do that now is pretty different from the old ways, but one of the best things you can do to make a business proposal is to download free proposal templates online and fill them with your project’s information.

The need for proposal templates has made many online marketing websites offer thousands of interesting choices for people to choose from, but you need to pay for them. What can you do if you are working on a budget but want to make a decent project proposal? Use free templates! 

There are many available online, and you can still get excellent results if you pick the right ones. Prospero has excellent free proposal templates, and while you need to pay a monthly fee to use all the features the company offers, you can open its standard templates for free. Dive into this page to know the best ones to use in 2024. 

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What Is a Business Proposal Template? 

Business proposal templates, in a nutshell, are pre-designed documents that show the reader all the details they need to know about the project or idea the author is inviting them to participate in. They can include any information you want to add, or you can just go with the recommendations the template offers. 

Most business proposal templates include an executive summary, project description, budget, timeline, and expected outcomes. More specific templates will address other topics, such as your services, the benefits of agreeing to the project, or the rules the team should follow.  

There are many ways to make your proposal stronger, and by getting a template, you’ll already have a great base to work on.

What Are the Benefits of Business Proposal Templates? 

Since the goal of business proposal templates is to help you communicate all the details of a project to your associates or customers, many people think it’s a far better idea to make a proposal from scratch. Although you can do that and get the results you can, you would be missing all the benefits these templates bring to the table and are at risk of making a mistake

First, using free business proposal templates saves you a lot of time you can use to work on other parts of the project. They already have a pre-designed format with all the information you should add, so you only need to fill it with yours like it’s a form. Doing that helps you get your proposal done in minutes while doing the opposite could even take hours.  

Many free business proposal templates come from professional graphic designers and marketers, and that helps you ensure your proposal is clear and understandable. Trying to do yours without any help can lead to making it more complex than it should be.  

Regardless of that, most templates are customizable, so you can still add more information to your proposal. However, make sure the changes you make are consistent with what the other parts of the template show. 

10 Best Free Proposal Templates to Use in 2024

Now that you know all the benefits of using free proposal templates, it’s time you see a few of the best ones available in 2024. All of them come from Prospero, and that ensures they meet high-quality standards. 

We listed 10 of them, but there are many more available on Prospero’s website. Check out Prospero’s template library here

#1 Prospero Marketing Proposal Template 

Prospero’s marketing proposal template is for people who want to offer their marketing services to a company or individual. It includes an overview of what you can do, the reasons why that business should hire you, the fees for your different pricing plans, and the milestones you suggest for the project. 

You can add more information to the proposal, such as the terms to follow when working with you or payment methods. Prospero lets you add a e-signature in all of its templates. Use this free proposal template with a minimalist design to offer marketing services to any business regardless of its size. 

Marketing Proposal Template Prospero

#2 Prospero Business Proposal Template 

Instead of offering your services to a company or individual, the Prospero business proposal template lets you invite someone to be an associate in your project. While almost all formats follow a minimalist design, they have different ones and aim to address various topics. 

Here, you can add your work experience, business plans, and milestones for the project. The terms to follow when working with you are also in the template. 

You should use this proposal template if you are looking forward to creating a team of experts and professionals to work on a new project. 

Business Proposal Template Prospero

#3 Prospero Marketing Research Proposal Template 

Marketing teams work with people with expertise in various areas to come up with the right promoting strategy for each project. Unfortunately, since many people don’t know how important marketing research is for campaigns, it’s sometimes difficult for researchers to find projects to work on. 

If you are a marketing researcher, you can use the Prospero marketing research proposal template to offer your services. It allows you to give an overview of how important it is to do what you do, part of your resume, pricing plans, and what you would do once a company hires you.  

Don’t hesitate to try out this template for your next proposal!

Free Marketing Research Proposal Template

#4 Prospero Sponsorship Proposal Template 

You will use different marketing strategies for all projects, but getting into sponsorship relationships with other companies is almost always a good place to start. However, you need to convince the other business that your company is compatible with it and that it would find profits in collaborating with you. 

Prospero sponsorship template outlines the invitation to collaborate, the reason both companies should do it, the specific efforts you can make to make both businesses rise, and the money you offer for it. You can include more information, such as customer demographics and website traffic. 

Use this template to get all the sponsors you want for your business.  

Free Sponsorship Proposal Template

#5 Prospero Partnership Proposal Template 

This template is similar to the last one, as both have the goal of getting a partnership with another business. However, this is a more general template that allows you to specify the details of the type of business relationship you want with the company and the purpose of trying it. 

Check it out if you want to make your proposal process a bit faster.

Prospero Partnership Proposal Template 

#6 Prospero Enterprise Sales Proposal Template 

Since the Prospero enterprise sales proposal template is made for big enterprises, it covers deeper information others in this website’s library don’t. 

We recommend you use this template to let your customers know of the problems they may have as a company and how you can address them, the benefits of working with you, and proof of your results. 

Check the details of this template today, and see how you can make the most out of your next proposal.

Free Enterprise Sales Proposal Template 

#7 Prospero Content Marketing Proposal Template 

Getting back to marketing, this template is for people trying to offer their content creation services (ghostwriting, web designing, etc.) 

You can show the deliverables you offer and the cost of each of them, why the company should choose you over others, and how much time you could take to finish each project. Check it out today to see everything it offers.

Free Content Marketing Proposal Template 

#8 Prospero Digital Marketing Proposal Template 

While this template is still about marketing, it focuses on digital strategies. Marketing specialists can use it to offer campaign running, content creation, and analysis services. Therefore, it’s a more general template than the others.  

If you’re interested in offering digital marketing services, don’t hesitate to try out this digital marketing proposal template.

Free Digital Marketing Proposal Template 

#9 Prospero Graphic Design Proposal Template 

All companies need to work with at least one graphic designer or a team of them to manage the graphic identity they want to show the world. While you can use this template to talk about your services and the fees for them, you can also add logo proposals for the project and examples of your past work. 

Give this proposal a look if you’re considering graphic design templates.

Free Graphic Design Proposal Template 

#10 Prospero PPC Proposal Template

Getting companies to agree to PPC marketing approaches is difficult, especially if it’s a big company, so you need a good proposal to convince it. Prospero PPC Proposal Template’s goal is to overview all the benefits working with PPC deliverables would bring the customer and the different ways to work through them. 

Try out this template whenever you want to take your PPC marketing business to the next level.

 PPC Proposal Template Proposal

Wrapping Up 

Regardless of the services you offer or the products you want to promote, there will always be a free proposal template there. You only have to know where to look. Sometimes, people spend a lot of money on templates that are just not as good as free ones. 

Prospero is an excellent marketing tool, so all its templates come from a team of experienced professionals. Take time to go through its library, and you will surely find something for you. 

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