We Tried Zbizlink Alternatives and Here’s What You Need to Know

Posted by Abbey Claire Dela Cruz | December 1, 2021 | proposals,

Companies worldwide run proposal campaigns to gain new clients or to deal with the current ones. Most people would do a quick Google search for terms such as proposal software or proposal template.

Trying to create a business proposal with no experience can be tricky. If you are not experienced with Microsoft Excel or Word, you could spend hours designing one.

However, there are a few solutions out there that make proposal creation a fun and simple task. Zbizlink is an all-in-one solution for medium to large enterprises that need a proposal management tool.

What is Zbizlink?

This solution is a cloud-based proposal management system that is easy to use as a business tool. The company is based in Baltimore in the United States and has a responsive support team that assists you with any problems.

It was built with business owners in mind, and there are many attractive features to use. One such feature is the awesome proposal templates that let you design your first dynamic proposal in minutes. In just a few clicks, you are on your way to creating a masterpiece.

The company’s customers base is significant and includes State and Federal vendors. Its software combines multiple elements of the business development cycle in one unique tool that can help your company grow.

You might be interested in another application that isn’t Zbizlink, and rightfully so. Let us explore a few Zbizlink alternatives that can boost your productivity.


This business proposal solution has an appealing homepage that is easy to navigate and even easier to learn. A beginner could make use of this software due to the intuitive nature of its dashboard. On the other hand, an advanced user could get all their complex tasks done.

It’s priced at $8 on a month-to-month contract. If you decide to pay upfront for one year, you can enjoy the fantastic price of $5 per month. An affordable price makes it available to anyone who needs to create and send out proposals. 

This software package is an all-in-one solution that provides tracking analytics during your proposals campaign. Every stage of the process is monitored and reported to you through the management dashboard.

Designing your first proposal takes only a few steps, and there is a large selection of proposal templates available. Making award-winning proposals has never been easier, and with this platform, it can be done in just a few clicks.

It has complete integration with other business CRM’s and CM systems so that you can have all your resources in one place. Prospero integrates well with a host of third-party apps such as live chat, heatmaps, and Google Analytics.

That gives you complete freedom to use your proposal software with any other tools or scripts that you already use.

Intermediate users are going to love the customizability options available. If you want, you can even start proposals from scratch and use Prospero’s design elements to create business proposals that stand out.

Easily create, send and track outstanding proposals that draw attention. Once your submissions are sent off, it is followed with the analytics software right until the time it opened. The intelligent tracking software even monitors the click-through rate, giving you complete control of your funnel.

Overall, Prospero benefits many businesses in technology, legal, financial, development, property, and much more. Thousands of companies use this proposal software for campaigns and outreach programs around the world.


This cloud-based proposal management software automates and streamlines the RFP and proposal process. You find various proposal templates that are used to create personalized, professional-looking proposals in a few clicks.

The dashboard is easy to use but does take some time to learn. Engagement tracking and analytics are in-depth and provide imperative data so you can gain insights into your campaign.

A great thing about this proposal software is that it integrates perfectly with SharePoint and Microsoft Office. That means creating beautiful content is easy for those who have skills in Microsoft applications.

QorusDocs runs an assembly and approval workflow process, perfect for managers or business owners who work with a remote team. The cloud-based proposal software is made for large enterprises. 

That means you are going to need to request a custom quote. It all depends on your company’s requirements, such as the number of users, workstations, and advanced features. 


Nusii is proposal software for creative agencies. It can integrate with Word and InDesign to help you make attractive proposals to send to your clients.

There are three categories for pricing, which include Freelancer, Agency, and Business:

Freelancer is $29 per month and allows only one user and five active proposals. 

Agency is $49 per month, which gives you 20 active bids and unlimited users. 

Business is $129 and gives you any amount of users and 50 requests.

The most commonly chosen plan is an agency, as it offers a host of handy features for any business. The Agency package includes online digital e-signing, custom domain, multiple platform integration, and automatic reminders.

This software might not be for everyone due to its higher price, but a creative team in the technology industry could benefit from its fast-paced content creation process.


Proposable comes in packages for both teams or a single individual. The dashboard is intuitive and easy to use, making collaborative creation possible. You can save your designs in PDF format while using rich media and custom branding to make your proposals stand out.

Analytics is taken care of in the reporting dashboard, and you can monitor the effectiveness of the proposal campaign each step of the way. The engagement tracking system takes care of alerts and notifications so that you are always informed.

It’s easy to manage admin positions on the platform using the access management system to add users or roles. There are some handy reminders and alerts that help keep you are your staff on track too.

However, there are some downsides to using this proposal software. Some of these downsides include a glitchy system that often doesn’t save files or freezes up. That shouldn’t be a problem for a service that costs you $19 per month.


Bidsketch can be used solo or as a team to prepare, organize, create and send proposals to businesses in various sectors. The software integrates with Zapier and a few other scripts, making it convenient to use with those applications.

There are many custom templates to choose from that are detailed and can be modified to your preference. Additional information can be added to a different section in the template, making it efficient and quick to use.

It does streamline the proposal creation process, but unfortunately, this solution gets a thumbs down due to its lack of compatibility with third-party apps and scripts. There is no proper engagement tracking either, which leaves you powerless in connecting with the prospect.


It would help if you had proposal software that is efficient and analytical so that your campaign can produce results. With so many solutions out there, one of the best services to consider is Prospero

This proposal software is worth it and can help you through the entire business development cycle. 

Take the first step and sign up with a solution that helps you create business proposals with ease.


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