7 Tips for Creating Virtual Assistant Proposals That Win Clients

Virtual assistants often help several clients at once. Businesses can save, on average, 50% more by using weekly reporting and paying for productive time than by hiring a personal assistant.

Companies are now more aware of the advantages of adopting virtual assistants thanks to technology, which has made remote work more straightforward.

Employers no longer have to hire full-time cubicle workers. The efficiency, access, and value of remote work are increasing for startups and small businesses looking to boost their growth and income.

Virtual Assistant Trends to Consider in 2022

1. Rise of Remote-friendly Startups

In 2020, 20.9% of employees in Southeast Asian companies planned to work remotely, according to Statista. What’s more, a startup or small business is more likely to use virtual assistants, according to the 99firms.com survey’s virtual assistant statistics.


Startups are constantly looking for more imaginative, economical solutions that will allow them to get better results at reduced costs.

Also, by removing the requirement for larger office space, virtual staff can assist you in making more financial savings.

2. Increasing the Use of Digital Tools

Using digital remote tools, you can expand daily business operations, eliminate paperwork, handle payrolls, and improve team communications. Additionally, you can obtain customer information, make real-time updates, and open up powerful automation features.

Furthermore, incorporating digital tools may make it incredibly simple for businesses to manage remote workers and virtual assistants.

3. The Expansion of Freelancers

The global COVID effect has contributed to a continuous increase of freelancers who work remotely and participate in the gig economy. More and more independent contractors are stepping forward to provide virtual assistant services, whether it is for project management or administrative duties.

Many full-time workers are now freelance and offer virtual assistant services for the jobs or industries in which they are experts.

In fact, according to estimates from 2021, 59% of virtual assistants work full-time jobs. They use the advantages of remote work, including a flexible schedule, improved work-life balance, higher productivity, and so forth.

You can quickly determine the ideal virtual assistant from the expanding pool of independent contractors, whether it’s for managing your company’s social media marketing or conducting market research.

What Clients Look for in a Virtual Assistant?

Minimized Costs

Because a full-time on-site assistant needs a desk, payroll taxes, a computer, and other expenses, hiring one is more expensive.

Using a virtual assistant that doesn’t require these extra fees allows businesses to save between 70 and 90 percent of their annual costs, freeing their money to invest in other areas of the organization.

Payroll costs are reduced for firms and employees, resulting in a more satisfied workforce.

For example, a typical commute to work in the Philippines takes 90 minutes one way, making for a three-hour daily commute. It makes sense that skilled virtual assistants favor remote work.

Skill & Expertise

Traditional secretarial work, customer assistance, social media marketing, website editing, data entry, writing, accounting (MYOB, Quickbooks), and other duties are all assisted by virtual assistants. The industry has changed dramatically as more people are exposed to the virtual world.

Virtual assistants come from various professional backgrounds, but most have at least a few years of experience working online, remotely, or in the “real” (non-virtual) corporate world.

Tips for Creating Virtual Assistant Proposals That Win Over Freelance Clients

Your cover letter is the primary thing a client sees about you. Your virtual assistant proposals should include distinctive visual elements to grab the reader’s attention.

Provide the clients with your most enticing qualities. Keep the following in mind to create a powerful virtual assistant proposal template:

Introduction: The proposal can start with a sentence that briefly summarizes the project’s objectives. Make a pleasant, concise introduction, and thank the customer for their interest in your services. Use phrases that catch your client’s attention, including your name and address.

Benefits: Inform the clients of the benefits your service will bring to them. Here, you can list your achievements. You can pinpoint your strength and what sets you apart in this section. This level of writing will spark the client’s interest.

Show your experience and understanding. Inform your client about your strengths.

Every ability requested by your client should be included in your proposal for a virtual assistant.

Include your experience. Show five to six or more sustained periods of involvement. You must be exceptionally persuasive to coordinate with your customer’s requirements.

Services: This has to be short. It should contain information on what the client agrees to. Give adequate details so people can understand what you bring to the table.

Specify how many hours you anticipate working. Advertise your willingness to work in hours and the rate you charge for an assignment. You must be careful with your expenditures.

 create virtual assistant proposal

The client can use this to determine whether or not it fits within their budget. Indicate what you will need from the client to complete the task and the anticipated time frame.

Show that you are available 24 hours daily: Be prompt when offering and replying.

Share your contact information: In this stage, you should instruct the customer on what to do when they are ready to choose your service. Tell them who to contact in case of inquiries.

This area should be clear or straightforward to find. Your business’s email, physical location, and phone number should be included. This makes it easy for the client to contact you.

Don’t make it too long: Your proposal shouldn’t be too wordy and should include all critical information. Without overloading your potential client with information, you want to get to the point and give them the information they need to decide.

Your proposal needs to be professional: Most business proposals seem to have been written by experts. If there are any mechanical errors, you can hire an editor to help you review them, make the necessary changes, and add all the elements that will help your work stand out more. 

seem to have been written by experts. If there are any mechanical errors, you can hire an editor to help you review them, make the necessary changes, and add all the elements that will help your work stand out more. 

To increase your chances of landing a job, mention some of your accomplishments. To attract more clients, show your past achievements and professional growth. Make this achievement specific and relevant to the work you have ahead of you.

 create virtual assistant proposal

What’s Next?

You should ensure your work is well-structured, written clearly, and understandable. Clients are more interested in your abilities than in your language skills.

The only thing you need to do is make your cover letter stand out because the clients do not have the luxury of time to review everyone’s work carefully.

Aim to keep your introduction as short as possible. Make sure it’s captivating enough to win the client over.

Additionally, make the cover letter stand out and appeal to the reader. Remember that you are up against thousands of other applicants; your work must be interesting enough to land you a job. Using a visually appealing structure can help your work stand out.

Creating a Virtual Assistant Proposal on Prospero

Prospero is a proposal management platform that can be used on tablets, smartphones, or laptops and offers the same user-friendly interface.

Thanks to this virtual assistant business, your consumers will get a unique digital experience. Its solutions, which provide individualized financial advice through a customizable multi-channel solution with a stylish interface, were inspired by the best-in-class B2C applications in the market.

The tools for creating proposals are Prospero’s key selling points.

 create virtual assistant proposal

Each proposal can be customized with your logo, pictures, videos, and other branding components.

Although its proposal templates are tailored to various markets and specialties, you can add or remove segments as you see fit.

 create virtual assistant proposal

You can access your documents from any location because Prospero is a cloud-based tool.

Additionally, it offers an analytics program that monitors how often the document has been opened, for how long, and whether your proposal has been seen.

You can easily add connectors to your projects within the proposal development tool. Among these integrations are:

  • Stripe
  • Zapier
  • Make (Integromat)
  • FreshBooks
  • QuickBooks

See all Prospero integrations here.


The basic plan is priced at $8 or $5 per month if you pay with an annual membership.

Both options give you the same number of features, such as support for mobile dashboards, limitless proposals, PDF and digital signature functionality, customer service, proposal status notifications, and analytics.

There are no contracts or free trials. Each plan is cancellable at any time.

See Prospero pricing here.

Wrap Up!

Prospero’s virtual assistant template is one of the most economical proposal generation tools on the market when compared to its competitors.

As for individual users who may be unfamiliar with the proposal creation process, it is easy to use and has simple tools.

Therefore, there’s no need to keep looking for a virtual assistant proposal.

Create your virtual assistant proposal for free!


She is the Marketing Manager of Prospero. She specializes in content writing, marketing, and SEO.